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With trout season beginning the first weekend in March and deer season the second weekend in November, the whole family will be able to enjoy the beauty and wonder of the Ozarks. (Steal images from MDC) Cabool is surrounded by the Mark Twain National Forest providing a scenic backdrop for a float trip on the Big Piney River or a pleasant afternoon drive to Alley Springs, Big Spring, or Topaz Mill.(Remember links)

Located within the heart of the National Scenic Riverways, you can experience plenty of recreational activities available without leaving town as well as nearby in the Cabool surrounding areas. Whether you have come to escape the hustle and bustle of city life or just live to hear the tranquil rush of the Piney River or melodic calls of a mockingbird, Cabool is the destination for uninterrupted, authentic outdoor life.

Gateway to the Water Mill Trails

Hodgson Mill

Hodgson Mill

Anyone with an interest in history will appreciate the authentic artifacts still standing in the Ozark region, such as the famous Grist Mills. Often heralded the “Gateway to the Ozark Water Mill Trails,” Cabool is the starting point to a scenic, historic tour of the beautiful Grist Mills. These mills were fundamental in powering early Missouri towns, as they provided essential water power for making flour or grinding grain. The natural resources often caused the population to increase, businesses to pop up, and often evolved the town into a thriving hub that supported the surrounding areas. Cabool, surrounded by the Big Piney River and other powerful water sources, was one such prime location for an early settlement.

Topaz Mill

Get away for the day to visit the nearby, restored Topaz Mill (located 14 miles southwest of Cabool in Douglas County). Built in 1895, the mill was the center

Topaz Mill Race & Wheel

of a prosperous community and acted as a magnet for incoming businesses such as a blacksmith shop, barbershop, and general store. Powered by the North Fork River, this three-story building produced meal and flour until the 1930s. Retreat into the serene sights and smells of the surrounding forest and the sounds of the eight million gallons of water flowing into the mill each day. Experiencing the fresh air and rustic heritage of the mill is sure to make you feel like you are vacationing near the comforts of home. To visit Topaz Mill, travel southwest on Highway 181 to Highway E (just south of the junction of Highway 76 and 181).

For a lengthier trip, follow the river to tour the many picturesque mills scattered throughout the Ozarks. Take a trip back in time; see the mills that started it all and imagine the life of early Ozark pioneers as they survived without the common amenities we have today. Each mill has a unique story to tell, with its own character and history emanating around it. For a complete guide to the Water Mill Trail, visit the Grist Mill Guide for Missouri.

Upcoming Lake and Trails Project

Whether your idea of a relaxing day involves fishing, biking, or maybe escaping into the beautiful Ozark forests, you are sure to find your favorite outdoor activity right in the heart of Cabool. Beginning development in November, 2011, the Missouri Foundation for Health has granted the city of Cabool $198,285 in order to construct a paved hiking and biking trail. The trail will be over a mile long and 10 feet in width.The project will be promoting exercise and wellness programs, making it easy for you and your family to stay healthy while enjoying the atmosphere of the great outdoors. Future site of Cabool park

Additionally, Cabool will use the funding to develop an eight-acre fishing lake in the park. The city of Cabool will be partnering with the Missouri Department of Conservation to fill the lake with plenty of fish, as well as possible building a boat dock, restrooms, and a parking lot for the park. Both outdoor amenities will be conveniently located just outside of town, east of Cedar Avenue and south of the Piney River. Take a break from your busy work-week and enjoy a peaceful nature walk, a fishing trip with your friends, or a quick bike-ride around the lake.

For more information about the project, contact Frank Stringer at:
1405 Pine St
Cabool, MO 65689-8215
(417) 962-3092 


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  1. With trout season beginning the first weekend in March. . . need the word “in” between beginning and the

    .Beginning development in November, 2011, –> take out the word “development”

    as well as possible building a boat dock, restrooms, and a parking lot for the park. . . “possible” should be “possibly”


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