Fine Arts

STARS Foundation

The STARS Foundation, owned and run by Julliard Graduate Rebecca Peterson, offers Cabool residents of all ages an opportunity to study a variety of fine arts and give back to their community. Are you interested STARS Foundationin playing in an orchestra but have never been given the opportunity? Have you always pictured yourself creating beautiful music in the company of other fellow music lovers? Or maybe you are interested in art, origami, or learning a new language. Wherever your passion lies, the STARS foundation is available for you to fulfill your artistic desires and explore your creative side. Not only can families and community members of all ages participate in the dynamic varieties of classes, but students may also gain financial assistance through donating community service time.

Rebecca Peterson and STARS Students Performing

Rebecca Peterson and STARS Students Performing in front of the Cranberry Merchant

Students at STARS in Cabool, MO will be taught life lessons and skills they can utilize for a lifetime. The giving and receiving activities will benefit the community and participants will build teamwork skills, responsibility, and commitment to enhance character. Give your children the life skills they need, or develop the artistic side you never knew you had at STARS right in the heart of Cabool, MO. Give back to the community, play a valuable part in building Cabool’s art society, and have fun while doing so. STARS is currently housed in the Cranberry Merchant building, so head over for all the artistic fun you can imagine.

The Cranberry Merchant Storefront

The Cranberry Merchant, the current location for the STARS Foundation

For more information on the STARS Foundation, please contact:

Rebecca Peterson 
351 Highland St
Cabool, MO 65689

 Cabool School District Music Programs

The Cabool School District offers students with a variety of opportunities to get involved in academic musical organizations. The music department, headed by Missouri State Graduate Liz Stafford, provides Music Appreciation courses, Marching Band for high school students, a combined 7th and 8th grade band, 6th grade band at the middle school, and 5th and 6th grade general music courses. Students who love sing to the radio are sure to thrive in Cabool’s vocal music classes. The high school choral groups are a perfect setting for students to sing in harmony within a chorus  or belt out a solo. In Vocal Music students will receive individual vocal training and learn basic performance etiquette and good musicianship techniques. These and other programs will teach children the fundamentals of music, teamwork, leadership, and other valuable character traits.

Students at the high school level may compete to play in the All-District Band as well as show off their skills for the State Solos and Ensemble competitions in the spring semester. Increasing in size and in activities, the Cabool Marching Band currently performs a field show at football games, participates in SCA Band Festival, and competes in regional parade marching contests.

Would you like to help Cabool’s educational fine arts programs, but don’t know where to begin? The Band Boosters Club, comprised of resident parents and community members, conducts fundraisers, feeds students before every football game, and pays for items the music budget may not cover.

For further information about the bands, contact Liz Stafford at:
PO Box 613
720 Peabody 
Cabool, MO 65689
Phone: 417-962-3153 ext. 313
Fax: 417-962-5663

Dramatic Organizations

If you have a flare for the dramatic arts, there is a role for you in the Cabool Community productions! A recent production of The Wizard of Oz was a huge success within the community and offered local actors a chance to show off their talents. Cabool High School also performs dramatic plays, giving students a chance to develop their acting skills and pave their way toward becoming a member of the Thespian Society. If you see yourself in the spotlight or would like to be a part of an energetic social group, look no further than Cabool’s drama organizations.

Other useful Fine Arts contacts:

Cabool High School Art Teacher:
Tiffany Green
Phone: 417-962-3153, ext.321

Cabool Middle and Elementary School Art Teacher:
Erin McLaughlin
Phone: 417-962-3153, ext 222

Cabool Elementary School Music Teacher:
Carol Dale
Phone: 417-962-3153, ext 128


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  1. Students at STARS in Cabool, MO will be taught life lessons and skills they can utilize for a lifetime.

    Can you take out the MO?

    This sentence sounds repetitive to me. “Give back to the community, play a valuable part in building Cabool’s art community, and have fun while doing so.”


    In the last sentence does the word “vacated” need to be included or can you take it out?

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