Available Real Estate

Interested in moving your business to Cabool? Cabool has over 40,000 square feet of commercial real estate available for immediate occupancy, suitable for a wide range of demands. In addition to 30-40 acres of land available for purchase from Cabool residents, the town industrial park has 46 acres open for building or growth, complete with all utilities.

Need a building to your specifications? We’ll get it built for you. Come build your business in Cabool, where all your business needs can be met for a fragment of the cost of anywhere else.

Helpful Links
Special Incentives
City Utilities and Taxes
Cabool Chamber of Commerce

Real Estate Agencies
Hayes & Co. Realtors
814 Ozark Ave, P.O. Box 505
Cabool, MO 65689
Office: 417-962-9696
Fax: 417-962-5518

Matherly Realty
826 Ozark St.
Cabool, MO 65689-7343
Office:  417-962-4711


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